Achieve School Holidays Have an impact Ones own Business?

The institution holidays have arrived, Parliament is in recess until 5 September and London has wound right down to slumber away the summer months. Or has it? Simply how much effect do the summer holidays have on London businesses? Well, in fact, London is this type of culturally rich and diverse city that the results of holidays vary from business to business. However there are certainly a few common themes such as for instance:


Whilst Transport for London and the Mayor’s office are constantly working on schemes to cut back congestion brought on by the institution run holiday camp activities, in term time our roads, buses and tubes are affected by school transport. In the institution holidays this congestion is noticeably less on some routes. This means that businesses which depend on transport and deliveries may have to work to some other schedule in term and holiday time with the reduced travel amount of time in the holidays resulting in cost savings.

Pubs, restaurants & cafes

Places to consume in London are generally divided between those serving an area population and those catering for tourists or business people. Each one of these sectors is affected differently by summer holidays. Those catering for business are most afflicted with holidays as a result of combined affects of business people taking time off to be with children alongside a reduction in business meetings.

Looking at places catering for tourists, there were 26.2 million staying visitors in London in 2010 with total London tourism receipts amounting to £11.2 billion. International visitors tended to keep for 6.1 days spending £593 whilst those visiting from within the UK stayed for 2.1 days spending £217. Overseas tourism tends to be slightly skewed to the summer with 29% remaining in July & August and this taken alongside domestic tourists helps to take up a number of the slack from Londoners moving from the capital in the summer months.

When it comes to local eateries these seem to be just as much afflicted with the elements whilst the holidays. The Coffer Peach Business Tracker makes some interesting observations in its review of the Easter Holidays. Alongside the comment that “Our research across the year highlights the big positive effect that school holidays are experiencing on trade, particularly with people remaining in the UK” it notes that the elements also plays its part. Hot days have a tendency to favour pubs or staying acquainted with a barbeque whilst wet days favour indoor attractions and visits to restaurants.

Business services

Companies offering business services from printing to marketing, office fitments to consultancy have a tendency to factor August to their business plans as a dead month. The combination of warmer weather and staff holidays results in decisions being postponed or even not considered until September arrives. “Starting in September” and “I’ll get back to you in September” are typical themes. Even networking tends to decelerate with many business networks not bothering to put on August meetings.

The “Back once again to School” effect

Sell children’s clothing or stationery and August can end up being the busiest month of the year. Although pencils are available anytime the temptation to take up a new school year with a brand new set is overwhelming. Trousers and skirts that just lasted the summer term need replacing and winter shoes are on the list in anticipation of bad weather to come. Even the major London malls come in on the act with some already having unveiled their Christmas displays designed to attract the summer tourist.

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